with Sudan, the last male northern white Rhino in the world 
 setting up on a 'kenyan' jib
 Syra's feedback on the shot
first slate of the production
 sunset in Dar - Tanzania
 The amazing Inami
 Nadia in magadi
 filming with RED Dragon on a gimbal for New Eden
whatever it takes to get the shot
 Setting up on the helicopter
 nathan and ken on a shoot
 make up time
 smile you are on camera   
 man-make up time
 yeah like move that thing please
 good sound matters
 shooting on the beach, its hard work
 Shooting on the helicopter 
 Red Epic on a music video
 a big lens on our Red Epic for a TVC
 shooting on the first revolutionary RED camera, the RED One
 Shooting on Red Epic
 Filming on the original RED camera, the RED ONE.
 Shooting on Super16
 Base camp
 through the lens
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